​​Roof Replacement Fairfax

Roof Replacement Fairfax

We know how important it is to have a “ roof over your head”, it is a basic need, but this phrase is usually not referring to actual roofing. It is more of a figure of speech at times. Even if you are a homeowner who happens to be financially well off you can have roofing issues. In fact, we could actually make the argument that most of the people that we provide roofing replacements for are not struggling financially. This is not something that we look into, but we want to point it out because most roofing issues are due to lack of maintenance. This tends to happen when people outright forget about their roof!

Roof Leak Detector

The best advice that we could give potential clients is that they should replace their roof on their terms. These terms are usually before you start getting leaks or any other types of issues. Our roof leak detector services are basically major inspections of your entire roofing that we can do periodically to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If we spot an developing problem we will be able to recommend a plan that may include roof replacement services. These though tend to be more cost-effective services when we are working on a surface that has not given out just yet.

Stay With What Works Or Try Something New

Each time that you are considering any type of roof replacement project you are faced with this decision. Your roofing can really help dictate the overall look that a building is going to be able to give out. So, it can get a little scary to try and change things up. At times though, a good strategy could be to replace your old tiles with roll roofing as a solution. It is just an idea, that may or may not work depending on the type of roof that you have.

Knowing What You Are Up Against

This is something that we see very few of our colleagues talking about and we really don’t know why. When it comes to choosing how you are going to replace your old roofing or even install a new roof it is a good idea to know what that particular roof is going to be up against. Do you have a lot of trees that are known for scattering debris? Are heavy rains really common? Knowing those types of things and taking them into consideration can help you make a decision that will see your roofing last for many more years to come!

Quick Replacements

When you already have leaks the best thing that we can do is come in and find a way to plug up those holes for the time being. That may include replacing a couple of tiles or shingles. We don’t want to do full remodeling job during a difficult time of the year where we are seeing heavy rain or snow. If you have an issue that needs immediate help give us a call and we can line up the different options for you!


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