​​Types of Roof Repairs

Types of Roof Repairs

We like to think that one of the main reasons that we get clients coming back time after time is that we are honest to them. At times companies see that potential client that walked through their door with a roofing problem as an opportunity to embark on a major replacement project. That is not always going to be the case. Not all leaks and minor issues are going to lead you to change up your entire roof. Also, around here you better pick your spots as far as when you are going to go through major roofing repairs. Roofing in northern Virginia can get rough certain times of the year!

Quick/ Emergency Repairs

These types of repairs are going to occur a lot of times regardless of the type of roofing that you have. Although certain types of roof are more prone to leaks, cracks and other types of issues there is just one point when racking up excessive amounts of debris can break any roof. When this happens we will quickly spring into action to make sure that we can fix the shingles, tiles or whatever it is that you have at least to the point where it can be safe for you to remain in the home.

Postponing Major Repairs 

At times when you come across a problem in the middle of a stretch of bad weather, it is just not worth starting a major repair job at that point in time. As we mentioned in the last paragraph there are instances where what we will do is go ahead and provide quick repairs and make sure that you don’t have water or debris coming in. So, you can rest assured that even if we are not able to get the full repair done at that particular time we won’t keep your home exposed in any way!

Gutter Installation & Repair

There is an argument to be made that at times contractors in Northern Virginia and abroad tend to overlook the importance of gutters in roofs. Just sort of trusting that gravity is going to magically do all of the work is a bad strategy no doubt. What we propose is getting a chance to come in and repair gutters to make sure that they are able to properly handle the flow of water that is going to be coming their way. Proper gutter installation can really help solve a lot of potential issues with your roofing!

Aluminum Siding Repair

While we are on the subject of repairs we wanted to get a chance to shed some light on this particular issue that we can help you solve, but we don’t talk much about. Aluminum siding is a very common element used in certain types of homes and in things like garage roofs and even doors. This type of siding will tend to lift up from its original position from time to time. When it does that it may need to be put in place was again!


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