​Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs

There is a lot of gray area in such a vague description for a service page. We are not criticizing ourselves we actually did this on purpose because we think that it is the best way to actually get people to understand how extensive roofing can be. When you already have a roof in place it is going to be more difficult to go from a flat roof to a sloped roof. Still, you always have that option to build a portico so we can’t count that out. There may be a lot of information thrown your way here so, get ready!

Old School Tiles 

Even though technology has advanced and given us many other options when it comes to roofing there is just that old school feel about tile that still seems to be unmatched. There is no question though that some people have moved away from tile because getting quality tiles can be a bit expensive. At times they are also not very durable. Especially when they have to handle the heavy winds, rain, and snow. In our book, though it is still a very viable option for some and it is worth taking a look at.


Without a doubt, shingles are the most extensive option that you can go with. Clients can get a little overwhelmed when they chose to go with shingle roofing because then we start opening more options as if shingles were a matryoshka doll! There are wooden shingles, there are concrete based shingles, there other more plastic-based options. Each has its set of pros and cons. So as we have mentioned it can get hard to open up even a catalog and pick out what could seem perfect for you. What we do is we have kind of our list of shingles we know work well around here. So that can narrow the search down!

Roll Roofing

These types of roofs have become very common because they tend to be a very cost effective way to finish a roof. The installation is actually very easy. In a sense, you are just going to be rolling a mat over the concrete surface. You get a very even finish, so it is less likely to get debris stuck between the cracks. Which, is something that happens with tiles, shingles, and slate roofing. If you are looking for that quick solution that can be applied to your home this can definitely fit the bill.

So Much To Chose So Little Time

These are just some of the options that we have available. We didn’t even want to get into the roll roofing vs shingles debate. That is something that could take a couple more pages. If you are one of those clients that enjoy really being involved in every aspect of the project it would be a good idea for you to give us a call and ask as many questions as you want about the different types of roofs we work with. If this seems too overwhelming for you we can also help narrow the search down!


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